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Just imagine overlooking the crystal blue water, feeling the refreshing cool breeze, while enjoying a relaxing dinner by the open sea. 

There is something so unique and extraordinary about the Mediterranean Sea which you will not find in any other body of water on the planet. The Mediterranean Sea is pure and natural... it makes you feel vibrant, alive and free. It's clean, rich, healthy spirit entices and intoxicates you, reminding you that you were originally created to inhabit a natural environment—not an artificial one that we so often find ourselves living in. You feel like you are living life as it was meant to be lived - purely, naturally and simply.

Those countries that border the Mediterranean - Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Egypt - all have certain key things in common: a rich culture of food, family and lust for life. It is no secret that they enjoy a richer quality of life and are significantly healthier, emotionally, and physically. Statistics consistently prove that they live longer, happier lives, and have less overall health issues and diseases. It is because they cherish that which is natural - the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth—and each other. And, most importantly, it's because the Mediterranean diet consists of pure and natural foods—foods which our bodies were naturally created to absorb. Fresh fruits and vegetables actually taste different - they taste the way they were originally created to taste. And the health benefits are countless because these natural foods heal the body, supply nutrition, and rejuvenate cell growth.

Sito's Mediterranean Salad Dressing is like the Mediterranean Sea... pure and natural.  Every single ingredient in the bottle that you are holding in your hand right now is natural—completely free from preservatives, additives and strange mysterious chemicals.  And best of all, it is authentic!  Your body will welcome it, not only because it's bursting with wholesome nutrition, but because your body will naturally recognize it, as “friendly” food, and absorb it...just as it absorbs the Mediterranean Sea.

So, enjoy! Celebrate with a glass of wine, your favorite delicious main entre, and a fresh green salad topped with Sito's Mediterranean Salad Dressing...

And enjoy the spirit of Mediterranean right in your own home!

Sitos Mediterranean Salad Dressing is not just an amazing salad dressing, but also is used as delicious marinade for chicken, lamb, beef and shrimp kabobs - as well as many other dishes. Please see recipe page for suggestions.

Sito's Dressings not only incorporates many of these practical nutritional elements, but it’s also the drive behind the our philosophy. We genuinely want you to enjoy a relaxed, stress-free and healthy cherished life, using the Mediterranean lifestyle as your guide.

So, as we say in that region... “Saaha!”...

Cheers to your health!