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My mother, Agnes Khalil, returned home to America after her pre-arranged marriage, held in a tiny Christian village in the mountains near the world renowned Krak des Chavaillers Crusader’s Castle.

When the plane landed, she got off and kissed the ground – ever so grateful for being born and raised in the land of freedom and opportunity. On that day she knew what hard work would lie ahead, trying to find work for her husband who was soon to arrive. Armed only with a third grade education, and not a word of English – a simple, honest farmer from the remote village of Miklos, Syria - among the first of the villagers to step foot in America - Mikhail would eventually come to change the lives of hundreds of people.

A few years of hard work, raising a family, supporting several families in the village and learning English, Mikhail together with his beloved wife, Agnes, worked side by side and opened their first restaurant in South Oakland, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. On June 17th, 1972 at 8:00pm – the doors of Khalil’s opened. Ever since then Mikhail Khalil’s traditional authentic food has been making mouths water across the country, and Agnes’ legacy of generosity and hospitality continues today.

These 2 faithful individuals firmly believed in family, humility, generosity and love. A farmer and restaurant man, feeding people rich wholesome foods is natural for Mikhail – but more than that, Mikhail is determined to help feed the most severe hungry of the world, and donates to many world relief programs. It is his sincerest prayer that there is an abundance of food, and no one ever again knows hunger.

We welcome you to share not only in Mikhail Khalil’s creation, but also in the spirit of Agnes and Mikhail Khalil’s legacy.

We humbly say “Sahtan”… “To your health!”