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Sito's offers not only delicious and wholesome dressings and marinades; it also offers nutritional value in its ingredients, such as extra virgin olive oil, pomegranate juice, and natural spices, such as mint. Sito's takes enormous pride in offering honest, pure ingredients that are naturally good for your body!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - the oil used almost exclusively in Mediterranean cooking and which is the main ingredient in all of Sito's Salad Dressings and Marinades - is a rich source of monounsaturated fat, which is known to have numerous beneficial properties. Pomegranate Juice- the key ingredient in Sito's Pomegranate Fatoushe Dressing - is known to be an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamins. And Mint - the principle ingredient in Sito's Mint Tabouli Dressing - is commonly used as a soothing tea, and to give dishes a fresh, cool flavor.

The dressings are, of course, only part of a healthy, nutritious meal. Use our Mediterranean Dressing for dressing a salad of mixed greens, tomatoes, and onions - as condiment on a sandwich - or as a marinate for fish, chicken, or other meats. Our Pomegranate Fatoushe Dressing can be used in the same ways, though it was originally designed for a Middle Eastern Salad featuring a broader mix of vegetables, and croutons made from pita bread. The Mint Tabouli Dressing is also designed for a specific salad - one made from chopped parsley, tomatoes and bulgur wheat - but feel free to try it as a marinate for fish or lamb, or for dipping bread together with cheese and olives.

Let Sito's Dressings transform your meals into delicious culinary experiences - the kind typically found in the Mediterranean diet which is one of the healthiest and most delicious diets on the planet. The Mediterranean diet is essentially based on how people in the Mediterranean region live, eat and think. Its simple style incorporates the basics of healthy and delicious eating. The lifestyle involves enjoying generous amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, whole grains, seeds, and flavorful spices, complemented by small amounts of fish, chicken, lamb, or beef, as well as a moderate amount of wine. Most of all, however, is the attitude of well being - of relaxation, enjoyment, and celebration of life.

Sito's Dressings incorporate many of these elements, and go well with many of the others. As we've said, these salad dressings aren't just for salads, and you can check out our recipe page for some suggestions. So, whether you try them as a pizza or pasta sauce, a salad dressing, or a marinate for roasted vegetables-whatever your use-we're sure you'll enjoy every bite!

Rita Madden MPH, RD

(company dietician)